Why are Feeder Systems So Important for Automated Assembly Systems?

A part feeding system is a crucial component of an automated assembly system. Without using a high-quality part feeding system, there is a substantial likelihood of disrupted production or faulty end products. Feeding systems are responsible for loading materials into the automated assembly systems. It feeds parts at a safe and appropriate rate. It also supplies parts at the right angle so that the rest of production is done smoothly. Without a feeder, an automated system will inevitably fail. Our team of engineers is trained and experienced, so they can help you selecting and building Prefeeders, feeders, and the whole rest of the system.

Common feeders include:

  • Screw presenters and feeders
  • Custom magazine feeders
  • Stamping reel feeders
  • Custom tube feeder
  • Vibratory bowl feeders
  • Custom tray elevator loaders/unloaders

At Norwalt Design, we have developed a line of centrifugal orienteer-feeders that can receive parts in bulk, orient them, and feed them downstream to the rest of the equipment.

Having your systems run smoothly will ensure the highest quality output, so make sure your feeder and Prefeeders are working correctly.