Upgrading Workstations to an Automated Production Line

By replacing a series of separate workstations with automated production lines, it is possible to reduce worker fatigue and production cost. The production line connects works stations so that work is done efficiently and seamlessly. leak testing machinesEach station of the machine will perform a specific operation, and so the product being created is made through a step-by-step process that moves along the production’s sequence path.

Depending on needs, employees, and money, we can make fully automated and partial automated systems. A fully automated production line does not require employees to be directly involved in the production of the part. All portions of construction, including loading, leak testing, and stacking, can be automated by the machine. Rather than employees being responsible for repetitive motions, they are now tasked with system design, supervision, monitoring operations, and adjustments.

Three main types of automation are implemented for production lines. These include:

  1. Hard Automation/Fixed Automation
  2. Soft Automation
  3. Programmable Automation/Flexible Automation

The type of automation that is used will be directly based on the type of product and the volume of production. Our team of engineers can help you create an automated assembly system that is designed to meet your business exact need. We add leak testing machines to our systems to ensure the highest quality control. Call us today for more information.