Three Benefits of Automated Assembly

Automated assembly machinery is a wonderful innovation. If a company is looking to turn to automated assembly machine, there are a lot of amazing benefits that the company will get out of it. Assembly machines offer a ton of pros for manufacturers.

One benefit of automated assembly is the quicker turnaround. As long as the machinery is used smart and efficiently, it reduces the turnaround time for projects. You are able to combine a number of assembly capabilities or production steps into one single step.

Automated assembly also offers higher quality production. It enhances the production quality. Certain tasks, such as aligned press fits, are difficult to be done when performed manually. Through automation, they can be done much more efficiently and accurately. It also provides a high degree of conformity across pieces. This is another aspect that’s difficult to achieve when performed manually.

One last benefit of automated assembly is that it reduces labor costs. Automated assembly offers both direct and indirect labor cost savings. The direct savings are very clear. When something becomes automated, it frees up time for employees. Employees no longer have to perform the automated task so they are able to perform other tasks that are unable to be automated and will help the company.

The indirect savings, while not as clear, are just as beneficial. Switching to automated assembly can reduce material handling and component orientation time; in-process inventory, when replacing batch operations; finished product inventory; scrap; defective pieces; and personnel training. All of these reductions can save manufacturers a lot of money in the end.