The Right Type of Automation for your Business

Deciding to add automated assembly systems to a factory is not quick and simple. There are so many factors to consider before designing and purchasing a new system. Once you have chosen to add beneficial equipment to your factory, you are still faced with many design considerations. There is a wide range of solutions between three types of systems:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-automatic
  3. Automatic

Considering the options available, how does one make a smart choice? The two most significant factors to consider are budget and volume of output. Completing a calculation for return on investment can help to determine the balance between assembly system features and cost. Keeping both budgetary and manufacturing goals on equal par is essential. Fully automated assembly system is used by companies that want to increase the output of production substantially. Using prefeeders, sorters, and testers, companies can improve volume over a short period without sacrificing quality of the final product. These systems help to keep long-term business expenses down.

Our talented team of engineers can help you create custom automated assembly machines from scratch. Let us help you increase productivity and reduce operating costs.