The Benefits of Using Lip Closing Machines

We design cap closing machines to be reliable when performing and repeating highly efficient and complex closing functions. Our engineers have extensive experience in supplying closing machines for a wide array of different closure types and businesses. We solve problems, and so we will work with you to create automated assembly systems for your specific applications.

Automated Assembling Systems

Advanced designs for closing machines can meet needs across a broad spectrum of closure styles that have various latching and hinge features. We specialize in designing rotary continuous motion machines, rotary/linear indexing machines, and linear continuous motion machines. It would be best if you spoke with our team to make the smartest and most economical decisions.

We work with many different closure types, including:

  • Lip-top closures (condiments)
  • Dispensing closures (hair care products)
  • Rectangular closures (coffee)
  • Single-door closures (spices)
  • Twin-door closures (grates cheeses)
  • Beverage closures (soda bottles)
  • Custom designed closures with hinges (unique needs)

For more information on closure types, please give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

We work with a wide range of peripherals that could help your automated assembly machines work seamlessly. For instance, cap sorters allow us to process caps quickly and to ensure higher levels of quality control. Pre-feeders minimize the need for employees feeding materials into systems by hand, which will speed up automation while also significantly reducing errors. Leak testing machinery acts as quality control so that the final products will be guaranteed to function correctly.

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