Automated Assembly Machines Industry Review

Although 2016 is not over, it is has already proved itself a strong year for manufacturing and automation. Recent surveys and studies published in the annual Assembly: State of the Profession Report, mostly suggests positive shifts for the industry, workers, and companies. The reports suggest workers are happier and safer, as well as suggesting that there is an uptake in tool and technology investments.

Automated Assembly Machines

When asked about assembly line investments, 1 out of 3 companies reported that they were allocating more finances and resources towards developing safe and more efficient assembly lines. Jacob Park, the CEO of the Michigan based manufacturing company MMI, argues that design and manufacturing is becoming more automated and flexible. In order for companies to thrive in a competitive market, the ability to use automation is becoming an interracial component for most industries.

Money is being spent on more than just automated assembly. More than 50% of companies included in the Assembly report said they were implementing green manufacturing. Roughly 20 percent of the companies are planning on physical expansion. This includes acquiring more land and building new structures.

Another high-note for the industry this year is that job satisfaction in the industry is up. 52% of workers claim they are extremely happy, which is almost a 5% increase from 2015.

Automated Assembly Machines

It will be interesting to continue to see what the reports say as the year concluded. What can be gathered thus far is that investing in automatic assembly machines and prefeeders is the best way to keep your company relevant and your workers happy.

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