Testing New Machines

Before a new automated system can wok properly, all machines must be thoroughly tested.  When a manufacturer makes a machine, they are always tested on the production floor, but this is often not enough.  Each different automated assembly line is purposed with producing a specific item or good, and operates in a certain type of environment. During factory testing, machines are presumed to be functioning when they pass tests in the controlled factory-environment setting.

Automated Assembly MachinesTesting machines before production is always the safest method of ensuring that your equipment works.

More testing discovers if there are any unseen problems in the system to be fixed. The better the testing process, the more likely an assembly machine is to run smoothly during production. It is common for companies to receive machines that are not tested systematically.  By relying on machines that have been marginally tested, an automated assembly owner puts their business at risk. There are some ways to tell how thoroughly a machine has been tested, and you can’t recognize this simply by looking at the outside. Always look for these three factors, in order to determine if your machine has, or has not, been evaluated properly.

  • Documented risk assessment process: The most reputable machine venders identify all potential risks.  From order to shipment, they document different tests that machines undergo. Vendors run these tests in order to discover potential failure points in each process. Once a point has been found, it can subsequently be fixed. These weak points are difficult to find and good vendors employ a team of experts to help identify any problems.
  • Document testing process: A documented testing process is a hard copy assurance that your machine has been tested in the exact same way as all other assembly machines.  Each document should be comprehensive and concise and should include a detailed problem solving process.  Ideal problem solving requires for the root of the cause to be found first, not merely fixing a symptom of a larger problem. 
  • Documented project management process: It is natural for problems to be found during testing. To ensure that these problems get addressed, it is important for the testing procedure to be managed. Project management minimizes most delays in the production and testing of assembly machines.

Leak Testing Machines

If you are interested in testing a new automated machine, or want to know more about the process of automation, make sure to contact a local vendor in your area.


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