Some Of Our Automated Assembly Machines

Automated Assembly MachinesAt Norwalt Design we make a multitude of different machine for different purposes; however, each machine is designed carry out one specific function. These functions are possible for you with the help of our automated machines.

Our Automated Assembly Machines allow our clients to take two or more components and assemble them into a finished product. Our machines can do more than that, and can also bring in different functions like leak testing, decorating, and even welding. Think of how much time you can save with a machine like this?

We also make Cap Closing Machines, which are used to close hinged flaps or lids. Our machines take care of this directly after leaving the molding machine. Our capabilities allow us to also add leak testing to these machines as well. Most people don't recognize that all these automated machines can work together, and in fact our cap machines can be directly linked with lining machines.

Norwalt's shuttle-type Lining Machine (sometime called rotary type as well) is the perfect answer for lining closures. This can be done in many different styles and sizes. Our machines put circular and/or pull-tabs into closures by using either interference fits or hot melt glue. This helps to retain the closures.

We produce and sell world-class Puckers/De-Puckers. These systems help to orient, present, and collect components that are varying in size and shapes. That means anything asymmetrical or off-balanced. Both our systems function to a capacity that is unmatched by our competitors.  

Norwalt Design has created a unique line of standard centrifugal Feeders. Our feeders receive parts in bulk, and they help to orient them to a specific position. Lastly they are fed to the downstream equipment (this can be an assembly machine, cap lining, etc...). These feeders will help to make a lot of our other machines run substantially more smoothly.

At Norwalt Design we treat every project like a unique project, and so we do our very best to help you come up with plans of action and solutions that will take and keep your business at the next level. Give us a call today.

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