Skilled Workers for Automated Assembly Machines

Join our talented and experienced team for a two-year apprenticeship in machine engineering!

Since 1971, Norwalt Design Inc. has strived to solve complex problems in the automation industry through custom solutions and technological innovations. We recognize that to solve modern automation problems it requires more than advancing technology; it also requires a talented and trained workforce that is equipped to design and build the machines of the future. A look at current statistics shows that the industry is lacking enough talent.

Automated Assembly Machines

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growing skills gap may leave roughly 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028. The data suggests that 53 out of 100 open positions will remain vacant as a result of a skills shortage in the US manufacturing and engineering industry. An aging workforce mixed with a decline in interest in STEM, less international workers, and a lack of women engineers and manufacturers is partially responsible for the discrepancy between skilled workers and jobs.

To combat this problem, we have begun a two-year apprenticeship program designed to give future engineers the hands-on skills necessary to push the industry forward. For more information about this unique opportunity, please call or visit

If you are mechanically inclined, meaning you like to take apart and put back together machines, this apprenticeship is right for you.

Automated Assembly Machines

Some businesses try to throw money at the problem, meaning that they offer high salary-packages and buy the latest machinery, but we know that is not enough to push the industry forward to the next generation of automation. Join us, as we continue to look forward to the future of automated assembly machines.


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