Saving Time with Automation and Robotics

It is hard to find a national business that does not use any automation in their manufacturing processes. Automated assembly systems allow for many of the modern conveniences people are so frequently using. Think about all the things you own, and then ask yourself how much of it was made with the help of automated assembly systems? If your business operates without inhouse automation, maybe it is time to consider expanding. If you have already integrated automation into your operations, you may then consider modernizing systems to add robotic automation.

Automated assembly Systems

Automation is quick when compared to hand-assembly. That is one of the main reasons people use automated assembly systems. Although the systems work efficiently, people tend not to think about how much time is actually saved as a result of automation. Automatic assembly machines can reduce the number of hours factory workers need to work. In many cases, companies can use devices and robots to maintain a 40-hour workweek. In the early 1900s, the workweek would have been closer to 70 hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a short week, while also maintaining quick turn-around times and high accuracy of final parts?

Automated assembly Systems

Robotic systems can reduce time even further. These systems can do more complex processes than a traditional assembly machine. They are also able to perform these tasks quickly. Using a series of limbs, parts can be screwed, flipped, moved, and assembled. As robotic technology becomes better and more affordable, more businesses are beginning to upgrade existing systems to make them better. Call our team today to talk through automation and robotic options.

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