Save Money with Automated Assembly Systems

Integrating automated assembly systems into a manufacturing process lets businesses, directly and indirectly, save money on labor. Savings in direct labor costs can be seen by moving employees to areas of the factory that cannot be automated. The Wall Street Journal claims that a new study suggests that automation has not reduced the number of jobs in 18 advanced countries (including the USA). Businesses can hire essential personnel to ensure the factory is running smoothly and also to free up the time for current employees to do more important things. Savings will be seen from month to month. Automated assembly systems can help a company save in less direct ways as well. For whatever reason, indirect savings are largely overlooked. They include:

  • Component orientation/material handling time: humans can not process materials as quickly as an assembly machine. This saves time, and it equals more product.
  • In-process inventory for replacing batch operations: quickly replacing stock to continue operations also saves time and money.
  • Defective pieces: machines are less likely to damage materials during processing.
  • Scraps: automated systems operate in ways to reduce the amount of scrap materials.
  • Finished product inventory: consistent and stocked inventory allows for business to continue uninterrupted.

All of the above reductions will help to keep manufacturing costs low. For more information about specialized systems with cap lining machines, reach out to us today.