Safety and Automation

Automation makes industrial jobs go quicker while also increasing safety in the workplace. By automating dangerous and time-consuming tasks, the machines can remove common risks associated with specific industries. It is important to note that although these systems are safe, accidents can still happen if machines are not operated correctly. Safe operations are the only correct way to reduce risk to employees. Always use automated assembly machinery correctly.

Automated Assembly Machinery

Taking precautions at work will help make safety a priority. First, identify how each operator interacts with all forms of energy housing inside the cell. From there, we begin to predict what issues a machine operator might get into throughout the course of a typical workday.  We design safeguards that protect employees that operate the machine.

Make sure that operators carefully review all safety standards and information before they are allowed to work on the machine. Next, make sure that all personal wear the appropriate protective equipment at all times while on the plant floor. There should be a no exception policy for this rule. Conventional personal protective equipment includes hair covers, safety glasses, gloves, and helmets. It is easy and tempting to skip wearing protective gear, and it is common for people to come up with excuses for why they do. Remember, it only takes one accident for permanent injuries to occur. Accidents that happen as on automated assembly systems tend to be bad for employees.

Make sure you know the ins-and-outs of your machine. Follow all safety and operational instructions to the letter and never gloss over safety protocols. You may think you are speeding up the workflow process by skipping steps, but in fact, you are putting the company in grave danger. Centrifugal bottle orientators are expensive to replace when they break as a result of negligence.

Automated Assembly Machinery

Lastly, scheduled maintenance is a critical factor in safety. You may do everything correctly, but a broken machine can cause surprise injuries and accidents.

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