Robotic Integration

Automated Assembly Machinery

Norwalt Integrates Robots Into It’s Assembly And Case Packing Cells
Integration into our layer packers

  • Cost effective
  • Have greater flexibility
  • Repeatable motions
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Robot can be repurposed later for other programs


Integration into our assembly cells

  • Reduced labor Costs
  • Collaborative Robots can work side by side with operators for lower cost semi auto solution
  • High accuracy assembly
  • Increase throughput
  • Handles the difficult assemblies with great precision
  • Allow for difficult motions vs. multiple axis servos
  • Reduced maintenance
  • The flexibility of a robotic system
  • Robot can be repurposed later for other programs


Assembly options

  • 2D and 3D vision for location and assembly of parts
  • Force sensors for difficult assemblies
  • Vision inspection after assembly for quality assurance

Norwalt is an official integrator for Fanuc

Click here for more Information about FANUC
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