People and the Machines that help them Work

Science fiction authors have contemplated a hypothetical future where machines do all the work that humans used to do. Although we can see machinery and robotics becoming part of daily life, there will always be a need for a human hand. This is very much the case for automated assembly machines that help to create products. We should not belabor automated assembly machines because they are largely reasonable for a good deal of products we use on a daily basis. Adding automated assembly to a factory will absolutely allow for a company to produce more products quickly and efficiently; however, there is a point where automated assembly might begin to hurt a business (this is the case if you begin to automated every single part of the production process). The purpose of this article is to explore what benefits automated assembly can bring you, but to also discuss certain processes that might benefit from manual labor.

Machines can work quicker and more consistently than a human hand, so for processes like screwing, pressing plates, unloading products, and inserting pins, a human can't compete with machines. The consistency of automated assembly for small task is better than human work.

There are certain processes that might be best to use manual labor for, and one is loading materials. You may be asking, why this process and not others? Some materials are not ideal for automated loading, and that is because they do not lie on the same side across a flat surface. Less ideal materials can move to its various sides.

Another reason to not automated loading is because you may be using materials that are expensive and fragile. Items can get jostled in a vibratory bowl, which can damage materials and finishes. When loading by hand, a worker can take extra care that a machine could not. This includes checking materials that are loaded, so that you only load perfect materials. Despite that fact that humans move slower than machine, by having a human hand in this instance will still save time and money. An automatic loader cannot determine if materials are good or not, so if it loads damaged goods you will get a damaged final product. This wastes time and money.

Adding automated assembly to you factory can help to make your company more profitable, and it is highly recommend that you begin to automate certain steps of the assembly process. Please, don't underestimate the power of a human workers and what they can do for a business. Having the proper people and the proper machines will make sure you get the proper final product.

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