Outside Factors to Consider when Designing Automated Assembly Systems

Although the product is the most important influence of automated assembly system design, it is not the only factor to consider. For instance, the capabilities of those running the system can make a significant difference in how machines are created. Systems that are fully automated can be difficult to use for those that have only ever done manual assembly. Another critical factor that cannot be overlooked is the available floor space your business has available. Power-and-free systems are used because of their flexibility, but they also take up a large amount of space. An indexing dial system gives high output volumes while only making a small footprint.
Automated Assembly machines Other product factors to consider are:

  • What will your product schedule be?
  • How many shifts will the machine run?
  • Will there be breaks, if so, how many?
  • How much capital can you safely invest?

By answering questions like the ones above, we can begin to calculate cycle times that are based on the total amount of parts needed in a year.
Delivery time also influences the design of an automated system. When it comes to operating a thriving business, being first to market with new products can make a huge difference in sales. If speedy delivery of systems is necessary, it is possible only to automate portions of the production process, which will have systems running sooner than building fully automated assembly machines. Also, automation components that have a long lead time can be shortened by finding different elements that can be implemented sooner.
How much are you able to spend building your system? Identifying cost limits will affect development. There may be a reason to increase the amount you are paying in the short-term because of the expected return on investment. Certain parts cost more, like leak testing machines, but their added value will make products better—which will hopefully make you more money. If your system is used for extended periods, it may be worth it to spend more when designing and building it.
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