Medical Device Assembly Systems

When it comes to creating certain products, there is an absolute need for complete and accurate precision. If final products are built even slightly off plan, it could have terrible and potentially life threatening results. One industry the demands 100% accuracy is the medical device field. Of course, not all medical devices, if built improperly, can threaten life. This includes hearing aid or air-cast. However, there are products like pacemakers, insulin pumps, and heart defibrillators.

The ability to make the latter products in fully automated assembly machines allows for unprecedented accuracy while not sacrificing time. Medical device producers are using point-of-care diagnostic testing (i.e- Polymerase Chain Reaction). This for rapid testing in the field by EMTs and Doctors. Other medical device assembly systems include:

  • Automated suture forming and barbing
  • Automatic needle bending, polishing, drilling, and/or welding
  • Machines that fully tests for leaks
  • Completed catheters
  • Finished hearing-aids
  • Assembled Syringes and suture winding.

All machines a fully customizable to meet specific standards of a company and their specific industry. The only way to fully understand the possibilities of medical devices assembly systems is to speak with trained professionals in the field. If you are in the medical device production industry, and you do not utilize automated assembly systems, now is the time to change.