Low Cost Automation

Traditionally, major companies that have massive bank accounts and space used automation. These companies could easily benefit from the ability to quickly, mass-produce items. Small to medium sized companies, ones without substantial capital, tend to avoid automation. Initial cost for design and construction can be expensive, but it doesn't always have to be. Smaller companies that opt out of buying automated assembly machines tend to have lower growth than industries that utilize machines.

Low cost automation is possible when developing automated machines with sub-assemblies or older, unutilized machines. When approaching low cost automation, you should:

  • Construct machines that have specific requirements
  • Picking sub-systems, parts, and sub-assemblies
  • Look at older systems for unutilized mechanism that meet your requirements
  • Use parts to create new automated assembly machine

By utilizing older parts, the need to purchase new is void. Ultimately this will save the purchaser money. This isn't a bad option for companies that want to take the next step with their business. Automated assembly can help your company produce the high quality products no matter what the demand. Call us today to discuss creating your own low cost automated assembly machine.