Leak Testing Machines

If you are looking to increase the quality of your products, you should consider purchasing a leak testing machine. Leak testing machines help to ensure proper product quality, safety, and performance. There are various leak testing machines. Each machine performs different tasks. The machine you purchase will depend on the application.

Leak Testing MachinesNo matter what industry you run, from medical to automotive to aerospace, leak testing machines can be used. The type of leak detection equipment you purchase will be determined by the industry where you work. Some examples of leak detection equipment are vacuum decay, helium leak, mass flow, and pressure decay.
One example of a leak testing machine is a tracer gas leak testing system. This type of system will enhance sensitivity and resolution. Enhanced sensitivity or resolution can increase leak test accuracy. Additionally, this type of system will provide faster air-flow technology and will decrease false leak failures.  

Another type of leak testing machine is a vacuum leak test system. Vacuum leak test systems are great because they combine high pressure with vacuum testing. This kind of system provides better repeatability than other systems. You will see more accurate readings because this system is not as sensitive to environmental variables as other systems. Additionally, a vacuum leak test system requires less time to reach a stable test pressure.

There are many options available to manufacturers when looking to improve product quality, performance, and safety. Automated assembly systems and leak testing machines are great systems for manufacturers looking to improve their business.

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