Leak Testing and Automated Assembly

Leak testing is a crucial part of manufacturing, and so installing leak testing machinery in automated assemblies is a great way to reduce the cost of the product while maintaining the highest quality products. A leak testing mechanism is easily added to any automated assembly system. The testing device is placed somewhere on the assembly line. The testing is usually done towards the end of the production, but it is always done before products are moved into completed product piles/boxes.

Leak Testing MachineryAdding this test reduces the number of defects to zero. It improves overall quality control of the products being constructed, which significantly helps to lower costs of labor. No longer do you have to hire people to check the quality of a product explicitly, so instead these people can be used for other more beneficial purposes. Also, when calibrated properly, computers do a much better job of checking a large quantity of products than any human.

Leak Testing Machinery

Leak testing machines use vacuums, pressure decay, or sparking methods to test for leaks. Automated assembly machines can be built to check for leaks as small as .001". It can check for leaks at speeds of 1,200 ppm. If you already have an assembly machine, you can buy a testing machine as a standalone unit. They can also be built to be tied in with the automated assembly machine.

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