Innovation in the Automation Industry

At Norwalt Design Inc., we take pride in creating machines for applications that other companies say are impossible. We are problem solvers by nature, and we work with each of our clients to create automated assembly systems that meet their exact demands. Many of the machines we make have a part in creating everyday use products.

Automated Assembly Systems

Our machines can build:

Feminine care products: a client approached us that had a product and conventional molding but no way to functionally assemble the pieces. Our team developed a proof of principle for a new forming method for parts to be assembled and appropriately locked for consumers. Conventional technology that was traditionally used for processes like this required heated tooling heads, which are inefficient and require maintenance. We partnered with a local University to develop new forming and heating systems to enhance automated assembly systems.

Cleaning products: A customer once needed a product that had scrubbing pads and disposable filaments that were for a wand. We recognized that there was evident inefficiency with production process because of several key factors, and since we are problem solvers, we developed new technologies in our lab that are easily incorporated into continuous motion machines.

Medical devices: We custom build high-speed assembly machinery that meets the exact standards of our clients, even the strict requirements necessary for medical device construction. Our systems can be designed to mold small holes, like for tubes and needles, and they can also work at rates up to 120ppm. We also implement leak testing machines to ensure the highest quality output.

Regardless of what you need to be assembled, our team can help make automated assembly systems that work for you. If you have heard in the past, “that sort of assembly can’t be done,” you should give our team a call.

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