Designs for Assembly

It is no small task to build custom machine for different industries and business, but at Norwalt we live to solve problems and build high-quality automated assembly systems. Our clients come to us with different needs for speed, quality, inspection, and tolerance, and so our talented team works with each client on a one-on-one basis to custom craft engineering plans.

Work with our accomplished, industrial designers to put together economically and efficiently made automated assembly systems. We always offer this service free of cost. You can come to us with a product idea, and we can start from just that. Our team will aid in the development of your product to allow it to be economically automated, thus saving you money and just as importantly time to market.

You will be in constant contact with our team throughout the entire development and manufacturing process.

Our team values quality and sustainability in building, so we offer each of our clients a custom way to help reduce our carbon footprints. Our facility has been upgraded from top to bottom to be more energy conservative. We offer cap feeders with no compressed air jets (up to speeds of 1200 PPM). We can even re-tool old machines to build new products.