Designing Low-Cost Automated Assembly Machines

When taking the time to approach automation, even small manufacturers will realize they can automate their assembly lines. If you think your manufacturing company is too small or under-sourced for automation, you need to think again. Amazing results, on a small budget, can be achieved when considering infrastructure efficiency, hands-on project management styles, and employees empowered to work in different technical disciplines. Call us for low-cost, automated assembly machines.

Automated Assembly Machines

Typically, six steps are followed when approaching low-cost automation:

  • Build of the system: our team of engineers has ample experience designing electrical, software, and mechanical systems.
  • The infrastructure of support: areas should be appointed for where systems will end up being installed. Cleaning those areas and creating the necessary support will allow insulation to be easier.
  • Validating processes and deploying them: we document the design and building process. We check systems when starting them to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Determining the project’s scope: you need to figure out everything including the processes for automation, the sequence of operations, and the lowest level of control and automation for each process. Special emphasis should be put on the minimum criteria for the overall system.
  • Debugging: this is the last step of the automation process.

Automated Assembly Machines

Let us help you get low-cost, highspeed automation assembly maubes for your shop.


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