Capabilities of Automated Assembly Systems

At Norwalt, we specialize in creating innovative assembly machine solutions based on the specific needs of our clients. We frequently create high-speed intermittent and continuous motion systems. We can meet the demanding needs based on speed, price, and quality. The capabilities of each machine we build differs based on the end goals of the manufacturer that will be using the system. In general, some of the automated assembly solutions we employ include:

  • Continuous motion and rapid assembly- by using both constant and intermittent motion, we choose the better technology for your application. Sporadic machines make up to 350 parts per minutes, whereas continuous movements make closer to 1,200.
  • Cap lining machines speed up the production of parts and products.
  • Leak testing helps to ensure quality control does not waver. Protecting the consistency of products you are creating will help your business make money
  • Loading machines help to streamline the process of automated assembly. You do not to worry about loading machines with materials because they will do it automatically.

Our engineers and designers utilize different machinery to build complete automated assembly systems. If you are in the market for assembly machines, let us be your first calls.

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