The Benefits of Centrifugal Bottle Orientators and Automated Assembly Machinery

It is hard to go a whole day without coming across and using a bottle cap. When we reach for a bottle of water, some mouthwash, or soft drink, we must first take off the lid before using the product. Every year, millions of caps are used. To meet these demands, the only economical and practical option is automated assembly machinery. Continuous motion systems can handle high outputs while maintaining the most consistent levels of quality parts.

Automated Assembly Machinery

Our systems typically create between 400 and 800 parts per minute, although certain machines can produce upwards of 1,800 parts per minute. A rotary indexing dial (pallet-transfer system) produced 15 to 250 parts per minute. Intermittent motion systems pause periodically so that actions can be performed.

Automated assembly machines for bottle cap production are built using four significant elements. These include:

  • Feed systems for base cap
  • Rotating Assembly turrets
  • Feed system over the cap
  • Centrifugal bottle orientator

Our systems are quick, but there are more benefits to using automation than just speed.

Labor costs are driven down because fewer employees are needed, consistency of parts increases, and production rates are sped up.

Trace and track parts created: our systems are capable of tracking and tracing each unit produced by the machine. Reviewing actions is easy, and so is identifying and fixing problems.

Consistent output: automated systems are less likely to make inconsistent products, and when they do, systems identify the flaw and discard it. Automation adds unparalled consistency when creating parts.


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