Basic Information about Automated Assembly Systems

An automated assembly system is created with the help of automated and mechanized devices that all perform various processes in creating a single item/product. Mechanical systems are typically designed to perform fixed repetitive motions, like the fixed sequences needed for assembling parts and products.

Automation is a big part of how major industries manufacture their goods. Not all companies benefit from large-scale automation. Consider adding these machines to your factory if:

  • High production rates are required
  • Stable and continuous product design is neccessary
  • Assembly of your products is comprised of limited components
  • The product you are developing is appropriate for automation

We design custom systems based on the individual needs of our customers. Typically, models are built with a particular type of system configuration. Four traditional configurations are:

  • Single-station assembly cell
  • Carousel assembly system
  • Inline assembly system
  • Dial indexing machine

For detailed information regarding the difference between the above four configurations, please give one of our experienced engineers a call. We can help you determine between multi-station and single-station systems.

Consider the benefits of automating assembly processes in your factory and then call us for help in building custom automated assembly systems.