Automated Assembly Machines for your Company

The versatility available to automated assembly users is vast. The possibilities provided through automation make it a trusted technology in a broad spectrum of different industries. Machines can produce parts and final products more quickly and efficiently than the human hand. These machines are the reason many companies can compete in a fast paced business world. 

Automated Assembly Machines

The systems are responsible for creating all sort of products, which includes:

  • Ball bearings
  • Alarm clocks
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Locks
  • Light bulbs
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Small electronic motors

An automated assembly system can do:

  • Adhesive bonding
  • Riveting
  • Screw fasting
  • Stitching
  • Stapling
  • Soldering
  • Snap fitting
  • Leak testing

Our talented staff of engineers can fully assess your project and to provide solutions that work. To problem solve, we build different types of systems. Systems we have developed before include:

  • Lining machines
  • Layer Packers
  • Cap closing machines
  • Medical device assembly systems
  • Leak testing machines
  • Cosmetic testing machines

Automated Assembly Machines

We proudly design, engineer, and produce automated assembly machines. If it is time for your company to automate manufacturing processes, we are the business to team up with. We look forward to hearing from you.


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