Automating your Entire Manufacturing Process

Automating processes in your factory can have many benefits that all help your business's bottom line. When manufacturing becomes less hands-on, you will find that turn-around time for the product is increased, waste materials are reduced, and overall product quality goes up. From start to finish, processes can be automated. Some of the tools used to help automated the entire production process are:

Prefeeders: these machines are particularly important for automation because they are used to start the whole process. Using prefeeders is the same as hiring an individual to place parts at the beginning of a machine manually. Machines can do this process quicker, and they do not need to take breaks.

Testing Systems: in old factories, you might find employees spot-checking products as they move through an assembly line. Computer technology has reduced the need for this. For instance, leak-testing machines use a spark method, pressure decay, or a vacuum to detect leaks in products as they are passing through a device. Machines can check holes as small as .001, " and they can perform these test at speeds up to 1,200 ppm.

There are many ways to construct a custom automated assembly machine. Working with an assembly company can help you create the right assembly system from scratch. Introducing automation into your factory can help you increase overall sales.