Automated Assembly of Cosmetics

Adding automated assembly systems to a factory can increase production while reducing the price of productions. Automation can be customized for the unique and specific needs or different industries (from medical to automotive). A frequent beneficiary of automated machines is the cosmetic industry. Almost all aspects of production and packaging can be automated.

Automating the assembly of cosmetic products also helps to ensure that final products will be free of any foreign particles or contaminants. Your business will be able to a produces a more consistently safe product. Machines can also be built with inspection technology. Cosmetic testing tools ensure that your product meets high standards.

Automation will also guarantee product packing will have consistent packaging. Human work is prone to defects, when as device assembly is not. This is especially the case for complex assembly of items like:

  • Lipstick
  • Aerosol valves
  • Trigger sprayers
  • Fine mist pumps
  • Multi-piece closures
  • And more

Complicated assemblies will be done quickly, which will significantly reduce turnaround time. Machines speeds can exceed 500 ppm.

We can help you design and build fully automated assembly systems from scratch, or we can help you update/upgrade your current set up. For more information about how to automate your cosmetic production, please give us a call.