Automated Assembly Machines How to Quickly Produce Bottle Caps

A continuous motion assembly system can quickly and effectively produce three-piece caps for plastic squeeze bottles. Gatorade and water bottles often use these caps. The caps are ubiquitous with sporting events, big and small, so it is no wonder that hundreds of millions are produced each year. Automated assembly machines make this possible

Automated Assembly Machines

To produce the high volume of push-pull caps needed, continuous motion assembly systems are a necessity. There is no other way to carry out this feat. A constant motion system averages between 400 and 800 per minute, whereas custom-designed machines, can produce more than 1,800 parts per minute. In contrast, pallet-transfer systems and rotary indexing dials can only produce 15 to 250 assemblies per minute.

Intermittent motion systems must periodically pause, but with continuous motion systems, assemblies do not stop moving. For continuous systems, operations are carried out simultaneously as parts are moving—tools travel with the work in process.

Systems are used by nationally recognized manufacturer because the machine orients, feeds, and assembles three-piece push-pull caps. Continuous motion assembly systems can inspect each cap before it is pushed further downstream for further processing. The systems consist of four main elements:

  1. Feed systems for base caps
  2. Feed systems for push-pull s
  3. Feed systems for over caps
  4. Pair of rotating assembly turrets

Automated Assembly Machines

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