Are Rotary Indexing Machines Right for You?

Rotary indexing machines are commonly used in automated assembly machinery because they effectively move parts through an assembly cell. We regularly add rotary indexing tables into our custom machines as a means of meeting our customers’ diverse needs. Learning more about these critical machines will prove they are a valuable part of the assembly.

Automated Assembly Machinery

A rotary indexing machine works fixes positions and conveys components throughout the manufacturing process. Indexing units rotate items to a specific position (fixed or variable). Most often, an indexer places objects at exact points through a workspace so they can be worked on. It is similar to a circular assembly line. The table efficiently moves items at precise distances, at which point operations are performed. Index machines can easily be adapted to assembly functions if required.

Rotary indexing machines are commonly used in many different industries. Our team will help you determine if an indexing machine is best suited for your unique operation. Common industries that use these machines include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food and beverage
  • Medical

Rotary index tables get combined with industrial automation systems so that each task of the manufacturing process blends seamlessly.

Automated Assembly Machinery

Rotary indexers can do little without the help of a custom assembly cell. When thinking about indexers, it is vital to be aware of the entire scope of the project. Balance is a crucial element when designing custom, automated assembly machinery.


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