Automated Assembly in the Automotive Field

Automated assembly machines are used to build small, nuanced parts of cars, as well as the overall construction of whole cars. Have you ever wonder how the glove-box latch is assembled? Automated assembly machines can be built in order to make the above parts in an incredibly high volume and quality. Modulated assembly machines can also be built, which give the option of producing products in different formats. 

Automated Assembly Machines

Automated assembly machines that are built for the automotive industry are designed to have minimal operator involvement. Different component/prefeeders are used for all raw materials introduced into the system. For this industry, there is a high usage of bowl feeder systems.

At the other end of the machine, when parts are finished, products are deposited into a carton unload station. At this station, machines place products into shipping cartons.

Machines are also built with aluminum-extruded frames and guard panels. This helps the structural integrity of the machine. Despite the guard and frame, openings for component feeders are left beyond the guarded areas allowing for easy access.

Automated Assembly Machines

The nuances of the system change depending on the specifics of the part being created. Call Norwalt Inc. to discuss building a customized automatic assembly machine.

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