Assembly Machines help Reduce Injuries in the Work Place

Injuries in the work place hurt more than just the injured individual: their family suffers as a result of less work, their bosses suffer from a loss of work, and coworkers lose moral as they think about their colleague. Assembly MachinesPreventing workplace injuries should be an integral part of your business plan. The use of automated assembly machines can to help reduce workplace injuries because the machine takes away the need for strenuous, repetitive motions.

When hearing strenuous, repetitive motions, people tend to think about heavy lifting/carrying, but that is just one type of painful motion.  RSI (repetitive strain injury) can attack muscles, nerve tissues, and even tendons. These problems can arise from pinching, rotating, bending, grasping, and more. Many of the motions that seem simple, but hurt people over time, are easily matched by machines. Automated assembly machines can help employees lessen the amount of RSI that they must deal with.

Some argue that adding these machines will cost jobs, but that is not the case. Automated assembly machines free up an employee’s time to take care of more important work. It also allows employees to work in a stress free zone. If you do not already have automated assembly machines in your factory, consider adding them to help reduce injuries in the workplace.

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