American Made Automated Machinery

Automated Assembly MachineryWhen it comes to purchasing American made automated assembly machines, it is more than just a personal preference or a patriotic slogan. There are some real advantages to buying American made machinery. We wanted to bring a few of them to your attention.

  1. Labor markets in foreign countries do not have the kind of laws available in America that guarantee a safe working environment and a strong focus on the enforcement of child labor laws.
  2. American made automated assembly machines will always be made by American labor, ensuring that American families are able to invest into their own future. This is the kind of philosophy that keeps the American economy growing.
  3. There are requirements for manufacturing in the US that help to preserve the environment for future generations. We do our best to follow stringent laws that limit the use of excess chemicals that pollute the environment. Do your health and the health of others a favor by buying American.
  4. When you purchase American made automated assembly machines, you are supporting workers that get paid more than just the minimum wage. Many foreign workers are toiling away for long hours for pennies; just so corporate executives can pad their own pockets. Support the American economy by buying American.
  5. Assembly MachinesPurchasing American made products ensures that we create an independent economy.
  6. The US has to borrow from other countries in order to make trade work. This creates a US trade deficit that becomes difficult to balance.
  7. Consumer safety is not a top priority to all other manufacturing companies around the world.
  8. Purchasing American made products means that you are insistent upon a higher standard of living for yourself, the workers that make the product, and for the world in general.
  9. Trading with other countries that are anti-democratic, or anti-American, for goods that are essential to American businesses and the economy, as a whole, never makes sense.
  10. As manufacturing continues to be sent overseas, it will be more difficult for future generations of Americans to find work that pays a living wage.

Purchasing American made automated assembly machines makes a lot of sense for our economy and the health for us and for the future of this country. Let’s do our part in making sure that the American manufacturing economy can exist independently by buying products made in the USA.