Lining Machines: Cap Lining Systems

Norwalt rotary or shuttle-type lining machines are great solutions for lining closures in many styles and sizes. These machines place round or pull tab liners into closures using either an interference fit or hot melt glue to retain them in the closures. These machines can be supplied with either punch and die format or a rotary cutter style format.

lining machines, cap lining
  • Applies friction-fit, tri-tab, pull-tab, or dual liners
  • Crank shaft/timing belt drive for minimum maintenance
  • Long press stroke for smooth acceleration curves
  • Articulating tamper linkage arm for optimal motion
  • Maintenance-free air conveyor infeed
  • Fixed position engineered guide rails
  • Precision Norwalt feed system
  • PLC controlled touch screen and electronic cam switch timing
  • Automatic inspections and reject system
  • Precision indexer with overload protection
  • Easy lubrication points
  • The quality design, quick responsiveness and service you have come to expect from Norwalt
Cap Lining Machines

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