Layer Packers

Norwalt Layer Packers are used to load containers, gaylords, or blister packs with all parts properly oriented and packed in a defined layer pattern, with a specific number of layers per container. Speeds of over 800 ppm may be achieved.

layer packer

While used primarily for molded plastic parts, the layer packers can accommodate most rigid parts. Parts are received from upstream molding equipment or assembly machines. Each layer is prepared for a specific pattern of parts per row and rows per layer. When the correct matrix is ready, the entire layer is picked up and placed into an awaiting container. A slip sheet of paper or foam may then be placed automatically between each of the layers and also on top of the final layer for separation.

Once a container is filled, it is discharged and an empty container is automatically positioned and squared in its place.

A convenient Touch Screen Control Panel allows an operator to easily change layer patterns, number of layers per container and other operating parameters.

Each machine is custom engineered and built in our own plant. If you are looking for layer packers then look no further than Norwalt Design.