Feeder Systems, Orienter Feeders

Norwalt Design has developed a line of standard centrifugal Orienter-Feeders that receive parts in bulk, orient them to a specific position, and feed them to downstream equipment (assembly machines, filling lines, cap lining machines, printers, labelers) that require proper alignment of presented components.

Norwalt preform feed system running over 1200ppm
Profile Orienter-Feeders

Orient parts which have a unique shape or a flange or taper by which they may be oriented.
Feeder Systems
Feeder Systems
Inclined Belt Orienter-Feeders

Orient parts having a flange or taper by which they can be suspended.
Three Belt Orienter-Feeders

Orient round parts such as caps which have diameters greater than their heights. No recirculation of parts is necessary since every one is oriented correctly, making this feeder ideal for glossy parts susceptible to scratching.

(Models:TB24-TB30, TB36)

Pocketed Disc Orienter-Feeders

Orient round parts which have heights greater than their diameters.
Segmented Disc Orienter-Feeders
Orients various styles of caps


Powered Outlet Orienter-Feeders

Orients round or oval parts which have diameters or widths greater than their height.
Bottle Orienter-Feeders

Used to orient round, square, or oval bottles and similar components such as deodorant containers. Parts are initially delivered laying down to the final belt orienting section where they are uprighted.


Flexible Tube Orienter-Feeders

Used to orient soft extruded tubes with or without their threaded heads for delivery to downstream equipment such as printers.