Cap closing machines

Available in both In-Line and Rotary versions, Norwalt cap closing machines are used to close the hinged lids or flaps of dispensing closures, usually directly after leaving the molding machines. Assembly and leak testing functions can be added to Cap Closing Machines and they may be coupled directly to Lining Machines.

Norwalt lid closing machines combine high speed automation with mechanical reliability that begins where the molding process ends.

  • Continuous motion closing
  • Patented lid orientation/ closing tool
  • Gentle handling
  • Automatic reject
  • Automatic feeding
  • Variable speed drive
  • Speeds up to 800 ppm
  • Low maintenance and simple size changeovers
  • Fixable design accommodates future size changeovers
  • Regenerative air conveyor to reduce energy requirement
  • Vision system integration to detect flash and short shots prior to ensure 100% good parts getting to customer.
  • Cam driven motions to eliminate adjustments

Bonus Benefit: When designed as part of an integrated packaging system, the Norwalt cap closing machine provides a seamless link between the injection molding press and an integrated Norwalt closure lining machine.