Cap Closers Testimonials

“As the factory floor manager at our plant for nearly 40 years now, I was less than pleased when I was told we would be doing a retooling on our cap closers, as well as a new cap lining machine. The last retooling was about 15 years ago, and I agree it was time for an update, but I was skeptical about who would be doing the work. The last retooling was handled by some ‘kids’ fresh out of college, and they didn’t know a whole lot about the real world of cap closers or exactly what we needed in an update on our cap lining machine. Well, when your company sent seasoned professionals to oversee the job, folks who knew what they were talking about, I was absolutely delighted. Now that the new cap closers and cap lining machine are all working perfectly, I’d just like to say ‘thanks’ to one and all”!

“As the CFO at our company, when I learned about the plans to replace our outdated cap closers and cap lining machine with state of the art equipment, the first thing I thought of was the expense and ROI (that’s my job). Everybody knows, times are tough for just about every manufacturing sector, and we are no exception. I knew the cap closers and cap lining machine would require a substantial investment, the question was: How long until this equipment pays for itself? Well, first of all the retooling went off in record time without a hitch (money saved right there), and the new equipment has nearly tripled our production. Impressive, indeed, and at that rate, you excellent products will also achieve record time ROI. Everything works exactly as advertised, and new automation features cut work force costs in a substantial way, so I’m a happy man. Thanks for a job very well done”!

“We knew we were taking a risk opening a new processing plant that wasn’t located in China (we’re right here in the good old USA), but we took the leap anyway. And are we glad of two things – first that we started our (now) very successful business, and two, that we chose your outstanding cap closers and state of the art cap lining machine (the heart of our operations). Starting from scratch, we were delighted by all the great advice we received from your cap closers and cap lining machine experts who really knew their stuff. If we had questions, they had all the right answers, and your offsite, customer service personnel were of equal excellence. Yes, business is booming right here in America and that’s a good thing for everybody. We still thank our lucky stars that we chose to work with your excellent products and personnel, and now we thank you”!

“If we had to guess, we bet your company receives a lot of thank you notes from customers just like us. It was a little over two years ago when we had decided to choose your company’s outstanding quality cap closers and the best cap lining machine in the industry. We had heard nothing but good things about a company that was dedicated to unsurpassed quality industrial equipment, as well as 110% customer satisfaction. Well, everyone had spoken the truth because we couldn’t be happier with our highly advanced cap closers and cap lining machine, all of which has performed flawlessly with an absolute minimum of maintenance since day one. Best of all, your prices can’t be beat, not to mention exceptional on and offsite customer service personnel that truly are second to none. Great cap closers and a fantastic cap lining machine for a great price from a great company. What a win-win scenario and thanks again”!