Automated Assembly Machines

Norwalt machines assemble from two to ten or more components and may incorporate additional functions, such as:

  • Decorating
  • Leak testing
  • Induction welding
  • Conduction welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Lining and vision systems
  • Labeling
  • Vision Inspection
  • Filling
  • Heat Sealing

They are also available in both continuous motion and indexing versions.
Rotary Turret Continuous Motion assembly machines can:

  • Assemble at speeds up to 1,200 parts per minute
  • Unparalleled accuracy during production
  • Parts are made quickly
  • Made to the same tight standard
  • Parts are safer during production because there is less human handling and feeding

Can run from speeds of 15-250ppm
Allows for long cycle items such as welding, filling.
Allows for intricate assemblies that require manipulation

Automated Assembly Machines, Automated Assembling Systems
Typical Rotary Continuous Motion Machine

Indexing assembly machines are utilized for operations requiring dwell periods and are available in rotary, in-line and carousel versions depending upon the number and types of operations required in the assembly process.

Automated Assembly Machines
Typical Norwalt Indexing Machine

Your company’s automated assembly machines must perform tasks that are highly specific to your company’s unique needs – no two assembly solutions are ever exactly the same, which is why we will ensure that your industrial equipment will be custom designed to suit your specific needs to a ‘tee’.

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